Things to Do in Kochi: A Memorable 48-Hour Adventure in the Queen of the Arabian Sea

Things to Do in Kochi

Hey there! Welcome to my personal blog, where I’m thrilled to share my recent 48-hour adventure in the enchanting city of Kochi, Kerala. If you’re looking for a quick yet delightful escapade, Kochi has got you covered! Let’s dive right in and discover the best things to do, the must-visit places, and the hidden gems that make Kochi truly special.

Why Kochi Should Be Your Next Getaway

Kochi, lovingly known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea,” is a city that seamlessly blends history, culture, and natural beauty. As you stroll through the streets, you’ll be captivated by the harmonious coexistence of the past and the present. From ancient landmarks to vibrant markets, serene backwaters to cultural delights, Kochi has something for everyone.

Day 1: Unveiling the Charms of Fort Kochi

1. Embrace History at Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi

I started my journey by exploring Fort Kochi, a place brimming with historical significance. Walking through the narrow lanes adorned with colonial buildings, I felt like I was stepping back in time. Don’t miss the iconic Chinese Fishing Nets, an age-old fishing technique that adds a unique charm to the coastline.

2. Wander through Jew Town

Next up, I visited Jew Town, a vibrant neighborhood filled with antique shops and spice markets. The colorful sights and the aroma of spices in the air were simply delightful. Don’t forget to explore the Mattancherry Palace, also known as the Dutch Palace, showcasing beautiful murals and historical artifacts.

3. Get Enchanted by Kathakali


In the evening, I treated myself to a captivating Kathakali performance at the Kerala Kathakali Centre. The vibrant costumes, expressive movements, and ancient storytelling left me spellbound. It was an unforgettable cultural experience that I highly recommend.

Day 2: Immersed in Kerala’s Allure

1. Seek Blessings at Chottanikkara Devi Temple

Chottanikkara Devi Temple

My second day began with a visit to the sacred Chottanikkara Devi Temple. The divine ambiance and the spiritual vibes were truly uplifting. It’s a must-visit spot for anyone seeking blessings and peace.

2. Backwaters Bliss

Backwaters Bliss

In the afternoon, I embarked on a serene backwaters cruise. The tranquil waters, lush greenery, and sightings of local life made it a soulful experience. I even got to witness a stunning sunset, making it the perfect end to my Kochi journey.

In a Nutshell

Kochi, with its historical grandeur, cultural delights, and natural beauty, is an ideal destination for a quick and memorable getaway. Whether you’re a history buff, a culture enthusiast, or a nature lover, this vibrant city will leave an everlasting impression. So pack your bags and get ready for a memorable 48-hour adventure in the heart of Kerala’s charming Kochi!

What are the top things to do in Kochi?

Kochi offers a plethora of activities, including exploring Fort Kochi, experiencing Kathakali dance, cruising the backwaters, and relishing the vibrant spice markets.

Can I explore Kochi in just one day?

While 48 hours allowed me to cover major attractions, spending a day in Kochi is also worthwhile. Focus on Fort Kochi, Chinese Fishing Nets, and Jew Town for a memorable experience.

Which places in Ernakulam are perfect for a one-day trip?

You can enjoy a day trip to nearby places like Marine Drive, Lulu Mall, and Hill Palace Museum, which offer a mix of shopping, leisure, and history.

What makes Kochi the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”?

Kochi earned this title due to its historical significance as a major port city on the Arabian Sea and its unique blend of cultures from across the world.

What are some interesting places to visit in Kochi at night?

For a delightful evening, visit Marine Drive, Fort Kochi Beach, or the bustling Broadway Market, where you can savor local delicacies and enjoy the city’s nightlife.

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